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Boy Throwing Basketball


At Park Ridge Elite Basketball, we know that each athlete is unique and has their own set of goals. That’s why our one-on-one training sessions are designed to focus on specific skills and help athletes work towards their individual goals. Our highly experienced coaches have a passion for inspiring and motivating athletes of all ages and abilities, and will provide a supportive and challenging environment in which athletes can thrive.

Group Clinics

Our group clinics are designed for athletes who are seeking to improve their skills and build lasting relationships with fellow athletes. By attending our clinics, athletes not only learn new techniques, drills and moves, but they also get to bond with other athletes in a fun and challenging environment. Our head coach has extensive experience coaching both basketball teams and individual players, and he brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to each session. Join us and see how you can become an elite basketball player!

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Travel Team

Our travel team is a unique opportunity for young basketball players to take their skills to the next level. Our team members have access to specialized training in fundamental skills, basketball IQ, and strength and conditioning. We pride ourselves on providing a challenging, supportive, and fun environment for athletes to develop their skills and achieve their goals. Our team competes against top teams in the Chicagoland area, giving players a chance to showcase their talents and gain exposure. 

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