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Basketball Clinics

Basketball ClinicAdvanced Ball Handling Clinic

The best ball handlers on the team will always have the most playing time. The ability to handle the ball is an essential tool in becoming a great player at any position. Park Ridge Elite’s cutting edge ball handling program will challenge you and take your game to the next level.

The objective of this clinic is to:

  • Reduce turnovers
  • Beat your defender off the dribble
  • Create your own shot and scoring opportunities with the dribble
  • Improve decisions making overall ball handling skills

When:                  TBA (Year Round)

Point Guard Clinics

Park Ridge Elite Point Guard Camp is the ultimate camp for point guard development. Centered on the philosophy that truly great players make everyone around them better. Each day will incorporate intense workouts that will develop each camper as a player and leader on their team.

Basketball clinics Park Ridge

Summer Camps at Park Ridge Elite Basketball

This camp will teach players to become a true point guard. It will cover every aspect of being a great “floor general”.  Becoming a great point guard entails have very sound fundamental skills along will being able to make your teammates better. The point position is the quarterback of the team. You are not only responsible for yourself but your whole team. The topics covered will be ball handling and passing, reading defenses, seeing the floor, creating scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates.


When: Mondays , Wednesdays, Fridays 11:30-12:30 June 6-29
Where: 331 s. Western ave Park Ridge
Ages: Boys and girls entering 7th , 8th and 9th grade

You do not need to play the position of point guard to benefit from this clinic. It will improve ball handling and passing skills of all players.

The objective of this clinic is to:

  • Ball handling, Passing Shooting, Court awareness, driving to the basket, getting other players involved.
  • Prepare the player for handling the ball in pressure situations

Big Man Camps

This big man camp is not just for forwards and centers it is for anyone who wants to become a complete post player. The kids will learn all aspects of the low post game including post moves, footwork, finishing strong at the hoop, post defense and shot blocking. The more areas on the floor you can be a threat to score the more of a complete player you will become. This camp will emphasize the basketball drills and exercises that will help you maximize your “big man potential”.

When: Mondays , Wednesdays, Fridays 10:30-11:30 June 6-29
Where: 331 s. Western ave Park Ridge
Ages: Boys and Girls entering 7th , 8th and 9th grade
Cost: $165

The objective of this clinic is to:

  • Post moves (drop step, spin, crossover).
  • Rebounding angles and delivering a great outlet pass.
  • Boxing out.


Shooting Clinics

Park Ridge Elite Basketball will host shooting camps for boys and girls, grades 1st through 8th.  This camp will focus on perfecting the proper technique of the jump shot. Along with proper technique, kids will be taught how to move to get open, create space for a shot and when to take certain shots.

In this clinic Coach O’SHea will build on the progress your player has made up to this point. We will continue to teach proper shooting form and ways to get open and to create a shot.  Many kids have good set shots but are unable to get good shots in a game situation. The players will be getting a minimum of 100 shots per session.

The objective of this clinic is to:

  • To get in proper position to shoot.
  • To get open
  • To create space to get off a good shot
  • Consistent set and jump shot
  • Have you seen Coach O’Shea shoot? Enough said.

WHEN:  Year Round – Contact us for dates


Additional Camps

Shooting Camp

Park Ridge Elite teaches the camper to perfect their shot through intense, repetitive drills that lock the necessary shooting technique into the campers muscle memory. This camp works on the improvement of a great shot but also the ability to get open and create space to get the shot off.


3 on 3

The Park Ridge hawks and Park Ridge elite are hosting a 3 on 3 tournament this summer for grades 3rd – 8th grade. This is an exciting and competitive event that the kids look forward to every year. Along with having fun the kids will engage in competitive basketball that will keep their skills sharp!

WHERE: St. Andrews church (260 n. northwest hwy , Park Ridge)

WHEN:   June 18-22

TIME:     10:00-12:00 for kids entering 4th, 5th and 6th grade

10:00-3:00 for kids entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grade FOR WHOM: Boys and girls entering 4th-9th grade

COST:    $200/team ( no more than 4 to a team)

* Prizes will be given out to the winning teams at the conclusion of the camp

Registration deadline: May15

Make checks payable to Park Ridge Hawks and mail to 129 WIsner, Park Ridge Il, 60068 (please include name of the team and participants along with a team name)


Shooting Skills Competition

This fast paced and fun camp will consist of several different shooting drills, games, and contests throughout the week. Prizes will be given away to the winners and runner ups for each contest.